Live your life to the fullest in the E‑Z‑GO® Express™ S4. The maintenance-free ELiTE lithiumbattery pack is now customizable to your needs with the all-new 2.2 single, 4.2 twin, or 6.2 triple battery packs, furthering range and dependability. Live out the elevated experience of the Express S4 with an improved front suspension on ELiTE vehicles, for enhanced drivability and maneuverability. Continue to stand out from the crowd with your Express S4.



EZ-GO S4 4 Passenger Golf Cart
The Express S4 will have premium, comfortable seats, an upgraded lithium pack, side mirrors, and more!
80″ black top and foldable windshield
Black luxury golf cart seats
14″ Paramount MT Tires on SPDR Wheels
side mirrors




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