The Hawker® evolution is a new Valverde gulated gas recombination battery
with gelled electrolyte, accepting up to 80% DOD/C5. This range is suitable
for use in materials handling equipment in low to medium duty applications.
The cells have an enhanced capacity compared to most other maintenance
free batteries on the market



Maintenance free
No water topping up necessary over the complete battery life
• Depth of discharge
Depth of discharge up to 80% of the 0′;/nominal capacity C5 for a 12 hour
charging time and up to 60% of the nominal capacity C5 for a 8 hour
charging time
• Electrolyte
No risk of spillage, utilises gelled electrolyte
• Charging
Gentle and safe 8 hour charge for 60% discharge C5 or 12 hour charge for
80% discharge C5, thanks to Hawker chargers.
• Charging factor
The highly effective charging profile of the Hawker Lifeplus charger ensures
a full charge with low charging factor and avoids damaging overcharge.
• Decentralised charging
Decentralised charging safeguarded through low hydrogen emission.
Thus reduction of investment costs.
• Efficiency
The system Hawker evolution andHawker Lifeplus guarantee a high
energy efficiency and make energy cost savings of up to 30%




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