Lead Acid, valve regulated,sealed type, maintenance-
free, no water topping up.
Operation temperature from -10°C to +45°C
Available in 2V cells and 24, 48, 80V batteries
Nominal capacities, for PzV Electrolyte in GEL form Tubular positive plate design DIN 110Ah-780Ah, for PzVB BS 104Ah-510Ah

Electrolyte in GEL FROM consisting of sulphuric acid  solution and silica

Tubular positive plate design- pasted grid negative plate design
Pole copper connectors, fully insulated, bolt-on type
Alloy used is PbCaSn Recyclable
Lead Poles with brass insert,M10 thread
Life time can reach the 1200 cycles at 60% DoD, when the batteries
are operated and maintained according
to Systems Sunlight instructions.
Sunlight High Frequency Chargers have a customized charging profile. Normal charging time for PzV batteries is 11-14 hours.
By using special charging profile, charging time can be reduced.




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